Nationwide Installation Service

We offer a full installation service anywhere on the UK mainland for a set fee (currently £250.00).  Installation can be ordered at the same time as the water softener from the drop down menu. Please complete the PRE-INSTALLATION FORM and send it to us. This ensures the installation goes as smoothly as possible and our engineers know exactly what is required on the day.

If you purchased installation our service department will contact you in order to arrange a convenient date to have your system installed. Once the pre installation form has been completed one of our installation team will chose the best location for your water softener.

We always aim to install as closely as possible to the incoming water stop cock, but should this not be possible due to lack of space or similar, we will find the next best alternative.

Following this, we will carry out the installation and ensure it is running perfectly before we leave. Some of our customers have expressed to being anxious before the installation. However should you feel the same, let us reassure you. The installation is usually completed in a couple of hours and causes hardly any if any nuisance at all.

We deliver a working water softener and clean up after ourselves. After completing the installation we will explain the operation to you and give you the accompanying information manual. All you need to do after that to enjoy continuous luxury soft water is make sure the salt is regularly topped up.

In summary: you experience next to no disruption during installation and the instant pleasure of soft water from your Purple Turtle softener. It’s that simple.